Resisting Gravity–Girard Perregaux Three Axles Tourbillon White Gold

As an authority in producing the movement, GP has three white gold, three axis tourbillon watch. This wonderful watch movement cold guarantee that it maintains the best precision by resisting the gravity from earth. Early in 200 years ago, tourbillon was produced, but watches designers keep working on that and try their best to improve its performance. GP is recognized as the top in designing and producing movements, and this delicate structure aims at eliminating the effect from gravity.

Different structures are just like dancing within the case to make the balance wheel more effective. The inner structure chooses the typical GP harp shape: it rotates every minute round the second axis, and perfectly match the second frame that rotates 30 seconds. Finally the former two structures could combine together and works in the third frame. The movement consists of 140 components, and it only measures 1.24 gram.

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The tourbillon, of 13.78 mm and three-dimensional tourbillon is set beyond the protruding mirror, perfectly matching other part of the mirror, and it provides enough space for the tourbillon. Through the aperture in 9 o’clock, it has more shines in it, and bearers could directly appreciate the delicate structure through the case back. The white gold edition with three axis is feature by the wide open area in the dial, and could effectively display the amazing parts of the dial.

Different movement structure displays a GP’s technology in design and processing skills. Polishing mirror and perfect chamfering and other delicate engraving could reflects it severe standards. In the plate in the movement, the black metal counter is branded with GP’s logo, and become an obvious contrast with typical sword-shaped protection bridge, highlighting its modern style. The logo is made of the rose gold, and is branded with a independent serial number, highlighting its unique class. Or you can check the rolex replica watches for more choice on the replica watches buying to save more!