Reviews on the Rolex golden watches

3aae697ba0ec4070dd606f8407be9c68Rolex golden watch is solid gold? For this question, we can firstly know that the rolex milgauss replica has the following five kinds: 1, Yellow gold watch: it applies the gold whose content can be seventy-five percent. 2, Pink gold: and it applies material of the gold with the content of seventy-five percent and the platinum gold. 3, Platinum watch: it is using pt950; general platinum watches are applying with ice blue watch disk. 4, White gold watch: it uses the yellow gold whose content can be seventy-five percent together with other precious metals. 5, Three colored gold: as the name suggests it is a combination of three kinds of gold. The so-called gold watch is referring to the material of 18 k rose gold, pure gold is known as the 24 k gold and that is pure gold, 18 k gold is really gold. And when compared to 24 gold, the 18k gold is more suitable for people to wear, adverse reactions such as allergic to skin don’t play, and 18 k gold price also is very expensive.

Among all the Rolex watches, there are so many golden watches, and of course, the between gold Rolex watches can be much cheaper, while being noble and elegant at the same time. For the between gold watches from Rolex, I will recommend the Rolex Submariner 116613-LN-97203 watch, the Rolex GMT-Master II 116713-LN-78203 watch and the Rolex Yacht-Master 16623-78763 watch.

Golden watch, surely seems to be much more dignified and luxury and noble, but the price is undoubtedly expensive than the stainless steel watch, which is not everyone can be affordable. And the between gold rolex presidential day date replica watches, even though are also made of golden material, they won’t be vulgarity. The watches appearance appears fashionable and atmospheric and also the price is reasonable, which truly to be noble but not expensive.