Rolex Oyster Perpetual GMT-MASTER II

17In the 2013 Basel world watches jewelry expo, Rolex solemn launched the newest 904L stainless steel Oyster Perpetual GMT-MASTER II watches; this is the first time of using blue and black CERACHROM ceramic word circle in the rotation type of outer ring. The blue represent daytime and black represent night.

Unique two-tone CERACHROM ceramic word circle

The new CERACHROM ceramic word circle is an achievement of Rolex which in technology and aesthetics. This watch adopt the proprietary technology which developed by Rolex. Just puts two difference color of ceramic material make an integral whole word circle. This design was echoed with the traditional two-tone of the first GMT-MASTER and the GMT-MASTER II watches. The CERACHROM ceramic word circle launched in 2005, and has strong corrosion resistance, Even suffer the ultraviolet irradiation the watch will not color fading. The surface after diamond polished has outstanding luster. In the inner of the 24hours gradual scale, through PVD thin film deposition technology fill in a veneer of thinnish platinum.

Oyster watchcase: The symbol of solid and waterproof

The watchcase diameter of this GMT-MASTER II is 40mm and can waterproof as deep as 100m (330 inch), also is the model of elegant and perfect percentage. The unique middle- level watchcase make with 904L stainless steel which has strong corrosion resistance. The triangle grooved bottom screwed with fake rolex watches exclusive special tools and make the watchcase sealed completely. The cochain crown adopts patent three catch of trebling waterproofing system. Tighten the watchcase hardly. The watch mirror make with crystal, at the location of 3 o’clock has a litter window convex lens, this equipment make people can read the date conveniently. The perfect sealed oyster watchcase provides the best protect for the accurate movement of GMT-MASTER II.

3186 movement, top and precision chronometer

The rolex gmt-master replica with 3186 type of auto cochain mechanical movement also has calendar window and the second time-zoon display function. Like all of the perpetual movement, the 3186 type of movement also gain the authentication by COSC. This authentication awards the wristwatch which passed the test of COSC. The heart part of watch is balance swing module which adopts Rolex patent blue PARACHROM gossamer, and this gossamer make with alloy which impervious to the effects of a magnetic field, even the temperature has changed the gossamer still keeps stable and the ability of anti-knock top to 10 times than traditional gossamer.